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The Steiner brand is known worldwide for the outstanding robustness of our products. Sadly, our products are not totally indestructible! So always remember to treat your Steiner product with reasonable care.

If something is wrong or does get broken or lost, or its time for a general service, we offer an efficient and responsive product service. We can take care of any repairs and supply spare parts as needed.

Simply contact the retailer where you bought your product or contact us directly on +61 3 9799 5100 or e-mail us at info@steineraustralia.com.au. You can find our dealers at our Dealer Locator.

Providing it is technically possible, your product will be checked thoroughly, repaired reliably and on time by our experienced service technicians.
Cost of servicing is as follows:

Binoculars with objective diameter < 42 mm: $189

Binoculars with objective diameter = or > 42 mm: $259

Prices including GST, packaging and reverse shipment costs within Australia.

Steiner Binocular Repairs

If your product is covered by warranty, there are no costs to you for repairs or reverse shipping costs. Your satisfaction is the very important for us!
Whenever you need further help: please contact our expert team here.

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