In the most demanding environments, Steiner Binoculars are built to perform. In addition to being fog and waterpoof, the best binoculars in Australia are perfect for all weather conditions

Skyhawk 4.0

Anyone who keeps a close eye on nature experiences a unique fascination. This is exactly what we have developed the SkyHawk 4.0 for: to observe nature clear and sharp at any times.

Unbreakable. Unmatched. Indispensable.

With its razor-sharp High-Definition-Optics and the optimum combination of functionality, ruggedness, precision and comfort the Commander binoculars define a new class. For the highest ambitions on the water there is no compromise.

Safari Ultrasharp
Compact and capable is no longer a contradiction

From compact to full-size, optics get you closer to things you enjoy most: photo safaris, ocean cruises, concerts, sports events, and more. Wherever life takes you, these are the perfect companions.

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for life’s defining moments

Experience the Passion and Quality of Steiner Binoculars – Since 1947.

Discover Steiner, the brand synonymous with superior ruggedness, German optical quality, and innovative products. From marine and military to rescue operations and outdoor adventure, Steiner is the top choice for customised optical products that quickly locate, identify and achieve targets. With superior technology and clever innovation, Steiner binoculars are trusted worldwide for life’s defining moments. Join the many satisfied customers who have placed their eyes behind a pair of Steiner binoculars and experienced the passion and success of the company started by Karl Steiner over 70 years ago. Explore the best service in the industry and see why Steiner is the first choice for so many different people.

Steiner Binoculars
for life’s defining moments

The minute you first place your eyes behind a pair of Steiner binoculars, you’ll get the sense of the passion and success of the company started by Karl Steiner way back in 1947. Steiner today is known worldwide as the brand that combines superior ruggedness and German optical quality with innovative products and the best service in its industry. Superior technology and clever innovation is what makes Steiner products the first choice for so many different people including those in marine, military, rescue operations nature and outdoor adventure. We make customised optical products with outstanding performance and service that customers worldwide trust to quickly locate, identify and achieve their targets. Trusted optics for life’s defining moments!


BluHorizons 10×26


SkyHawk 4.0 10×42


Navigator Pro 7×50



Got a question, specific request or a suggestion for us? No matter what it is, our team at Steiner Australia, proud distributor of Steiner optics in Australia, is always available for you. Just call us on +61 3 9799 5100 or e-mail us at

Steiner Binoculars Dealer locator

Looking for high-quality binoculars in Australia? Look no further than Steiner Australia, represented by over 100 retailers specializing in optics and binoculars. Our dealers undergo extensive training to provide customers with expert advice. Find your nearest Steiner dealer using our easy dealer locator tool and experience the best in binoculars today!” Optimized for top ranking on Google for “binoculars.

Steiner Binoculars Repairs

When it comes to binoculars, Steiner stands out with its exceptional toughness. While our products are not invincible, they are built to last. To ensure your Steiner binoculars have a long lifespan, it’s essential to handle them with care. In case of any damage or malfunction, we offer quick and hassle-free product service through our Steiner Service Package. Trust in Steiner’s durability and reliable service for your binocular needs. Let us keep your binoculars functioning in top shape. Boost your experience with Steiner binoculars today.

Steiner Binoculars Advisor

Unsure about where to begin? Let our Product Advisor tool select the ideal binocular from Steiner Optics for you! This approach ensures that you get the best binoculars that perfectly match your requirements. Try our Product Advisor tool today!

Optical Glossary

Explore our glossary for detailed explanations of the essential terminologies associated with binoculars and rifle scopes. Feel free to contact us at for any further technical assistance you may require.
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