Unbreakable. Unmatched. Indispensable.

With its razor-sharp High-Definition-Optics and the optimum combination of functionality, ruggedness, precision and comfort the Commander binoculars define a new class. For the highest ambitions on the water there is no compromise.

Navigator Pro
Navigator pro
Never compromise performance

The Navigator Pro series is the choice for charterers, water sports enthusiasts, weekend anglers and hobby sailors. It offers exceptional performance for the price with many of the features found on premium, world-famous Steiner marine binoculars. They are reliable, simple to use and boast legendary Steiner ruggedness.

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Ultimate Safety on all Oceans

Marine binoculars, also known as boating binoculars, are designed to be waterproof and provide an excellent field of view while sailing the seven seas. Unlike many marine binoculars, Steiner Australia marine binoculars feature a compass specifically tuned to work in the southern hemisphere. Our Commander and Navigator Pro models are both available with a compass. 

The typical size of marine binoculars is 7×50, meaning they have 7x magnification and 50mm objective lenses. Conservative magnification allows for a steady image while in motion, whilst the 50mm objective lenses are great for gathering a lot of light, enabling viewing in unideal lighting conditions.

Steiner marine binoculars are designed to be paired with our padded flotation strap for extra security on the water. 

Commander Marine Binoculars

For the highest ambitions on the water

Ultimate safety on all oceans. Unmatched high class and precise, indestructible robust and indispensable reliable.

Navigator Pro Marine Binoculars

Never compromise performance

Serious optics for those who take recreational time on the water seriously,with the clear image, total reliability and remarkable value Steiner marine optics are known for. Because it’s fun.


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