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In 2017 Steiner is celebrating their 70th anniversary.

For Steiner, superb performance and bone-deep tenacity was born in the ruin of war. In 1947, in the face of demolished infrastructures and a collapsed economy, Karl Steiner started a one-man workshop in Bayreuth, Germany, obsessed with a single goal: creating optical products so functional, sturdy and uniformly flawless that nothing in the chaotic, mass-production post-war world could compare. His passion for unmatched optical perfection pushed Steiner-Optik from a hardscrabble startup to a 50-man factory within six years, and on to become a worldwide optical icon with binoculars and rifle scopes for every purpose, a history of innovation, and legions of diehard enthusiasts in every category.

Faithful to the traditions upon which his father founded the company, Carl Steiner held on to his commitments of unsurpassed quality, to keep the production location in Germany, to c‍reate new jobs and career opportunities for his employees, expert training of his staff of now approximately 300 and a constant investment in research and development.

Today, Steiner manufactures binoculars for the military, marine, hunting, outdoor, birding and leisure activities. The name Steiner stands for performance optics.

These premium German optics are now available in 80 countries, prized by sportsmen and spectators, birders and sailors, aviators and explorers, and deployed by security and military forces around the globe. The research, development and production site in Bayreuth is arguably the most advanced optical facility on earth. Steiner world-class lenses, coatings and prisms are created, perfected and produced in Germany, enduring the most exhaustive production, inspection, testing and approval process in the industry – lenses alone go through 460 exacting steps.

Steiner was the first to develop the lightweight, indestructible rubber-armored Makrolon® housing, all-conditions nitrogen-charged fogproofing, the military laser protection filter, integrated binocular/compass, water-repellant Nano-Protection® lenses, and countless – and continuing – coating technologies that produce the highest contrast and light-transmission.

Steiner makes trusted optics for life’s defining moments. The successful pursuit and capture of these moments demands the fast and precise detection, location and identification of a distant objective. Whether the objective is wild life, a marine bearing, law enforcement suspect or military combatant, our optics enhance an individual’s most important sense, vision, so that on land or sea –– Nothing Escapes You

Steiner is the undoubted market leader for marine and nautical binoculars for decades and remains the first choice for sailors and captains of small boats and big ships all around the world.



First huge success: Development of a new binocular concept for the German Bundeswehr. High-Tech Makrolon™ material for housing


First Binocular with nitrogen filling. Technologies to avoid Inside fogging while temperature changes


First binocular with integrated compass – still the most successful professional marine binocular in the world “Commander”


New optics and coating technology with laser protection filter – biggest binocular o‍rder placed ever in American history (M22)


Introduction Firebird binocular with High-Contrast Optics


Introduction of the Nighthunter Concept – Highest standards in light transmission for hunting models


First binocular with Nano-Protection


Member of Beretta Holding


First Steiner binocular with Laser RangeFinder


Steiner introduces rifle scope for military and hunting


Commander Global – First Compass for worldwide use


First combat sight with integrated Laser RangeFinder


G29 supplied to German Special Forces

Now in 2021, the Steiner Australia website has launched, bringing all Australians a one-stop place to explore the strength of Steiner Binoculars and find ways to purchase their next binoculars. Our website provides tools to assist you in your Binocular journey, including a Dealer locator for you to find your nearest dealer, and a Product Advisor to help you find the best binoculars for you in Australia.

Steiner Optik is a Beretta Holding Company.

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